L.A. Scenes


21 thoughts on “L.A. Scenes

  1. I recently read someone’s observation that it’s becoming harder to do street photography in LA because foot traffic is decreasing rapidly, most people are drivimg by in cars. Is it true?

    • I think it really depends on where in LA. The city and metro area are so large and spread out that it’s hard to make generalizations, but it’s probably true that most of the city adheres to the “car culture”. This set, like most of my LA sets, was in the historic city center, which has tons of foot traffic and old, gritty architecture, which is what keeps drawing me there. The kinds of people change depending on whether it’s a weekday, the weekend, or even the time of day (after dark, it can be look and feel pretty rough). Overall, I’ve never lacked photo opportunities every time I visit the area … I just wish I could execute better 🙂

      Other areas are quite different and most people drive even to the corner store. In fact, just today I decided to go on a photowalk around my area and spent a whole frustrating hour and a half. Not a single good shot!

  2. Igor, this is a really good set of images. I don’t there’s a miss among them and I think they’re your best street photography to date – can I put that any plainer? I very much like the use of colour, and you seem to have somehow got closer to your subjects – closer not just physically, but also in portraying them as individuals. Adrian 🙂

    • Wow, thank you so much for your feedback, Adrian! I really appreciate the observation about getting closer to the subjects. I was trying a different way of shooting that day and for the processing, I decided to not go B&W this time because I wasn’t liking the results so much, so I’m glad you noticed that!

  3. Excellent pictures. Your clearly show you are vary capable of handling both colour and black & white on the street. My favourite picture is the one with the guy with his trousers down over his knees (almost at least).

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, Otto. I really appreciate your feedback. The guy with the trousers down, well, that was almost too perfect a contrast with the girl standing his right. I just had to try that shot! 🙂

  4. Hey, this set is a kind of reminiscence… I get amazed with the pic before of the last, just said “OMG! When gonna be the mexican wedding?”
    Thank you for share your impressions! ❤

    • I know! That’s the same thing I was thinking. If the heart was for some wedding or something like that. Thank you for visiting and your comments, Anna! 🙂 🙂

    • Patti, thank you so much for dropping by and the positive feedback! I really enjoy walking around that area and observing/photographing life 🙂


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