Pershing Square – Re-edit

Griffith Park - Re-edit

A June Afternoon at Pershing Square – Downtown Los Angeles.

EDIT: I want to thank Otto Von Munchow for his kind and constructive critique of this image (pasted below).

“A delightful image – playing with forms and shapes, light and tones, but also with a pensive moment. We see a small man in the big city, sitting relaxed and maybe thoughtful under what could represent our leached world – leached to oblivion. In this sense there is something threatening about the picture. As if we are in a world of cold, cruelty and callousness. I like the use of monochromatic tones – it enhances the story as I see – which of course might be different from anyone else. I like the playing with elements, the round spheres and the round head in contrast to the squares and rectangles that makes up the literal world the man is in. Also the repetitiveness of the round head in the two spheres and somewhat in the posters on the back wall, as well as the man in front being repeated as an element of another man sitting crouched over in the background. The stream of water in the artificial waterfall is also an important element, bringing a little bit of chaos into this regulated world. The light is perfect, creating shades and highlights and emphasizing the various shapes, as well as bringing life to the fountain and the man. He stands out against the sphere – and thus increases the focus on him – well done! The only thing I want to point my finger to (and I know I shouldn’t because it’s not nice to point…) is the fact that the man is sitting in the middle of the horizontal axis. I don’t know if there was a third sphere to the right outside of the image, but if that was the case, it would have created a much more dynamic composition and broken the bit of static expression as it is now, if you had turn the camera more to the right and included a bit of this third sphere in the picture. Of course this is all thought experiment, but maybe there was something else that could have added a counterpoint to the right. Something lit by the sunlight would have also broken that big chunk of black, shaded building here. As it is now, I would consider cropping off the left side all the way in between the first and second poster on the wall in the background. All that sunlit building behind isn’t necessary for the story and the cropping would move the man away from the centre line. On the other hand I really like how tight you have framed him to the lower edge. Only a minor objection in other words – if at all it can be called this much. I really like the image.”


6 thoughts on “Pershing Square – Re-edit

  1. As in the past’s idea of what the future will be. Yes, I can see that. Pershing Square was recently renovated (relatively). The spheres and water fountain are from 1994 and, I’m not completely sure, but I think the surrounding buildings are mid-1900’s. Thank you, Allan!

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