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Confusion – A Double Exposure Experiment

Mural Hunting

I recently visited The Arts District, an area of Downtown Los Angeles filled with old industrial buildings that were once abandoned and decaying (near the railroad tracks, etc.). Many of these buildings were converted to cheap housing for artists as well as reconditioned as art galleries.  Due to a more recent wave of new construction and gentrification, the area is not so cheap any more. The outer walls of these buildings are used for murals and other smaller paintings and miscellaneous art projects.

For this post, I put together a few shots of these murals just to give you a taste for what’s there.  Some of these are only a section of the entire mural.  Since I don’t know the names of the murals, I gave the images a numbered title in the order in which I found/shot them, so in a sense, you’ll be following along my route :) Hope you enjoy!

The Bay After Dark

A few more images to complement my previous post.  This set was taken at dusk or night in Morro Bay, about 5 miles south of where I took the ones in my other post. Enjoy :)

Night Falls

Night Falls

Dreaming of Sushi

Dreaming of Sushi

The Bay Rests

The Bay Rests

One-Worded Titles

These shots were taken during a morning with alternating medium-to-heavy fog. This is a lazy seaside town that I visited more than 15 years ago for the first time. I remember exiting the highway as dusk fell, booking a hotel room and eating dinner before turning in. My intention was to continue my trip as early as possible the next day. I walked out of the room the following morning and was promptly swallowed by a thick bank of fog. Thinking “awesome!”, I loaded my things in the car, but instead of leaving as planned, I took a long walk on the beach taking in the veiled sights and snapping a few photographs with my cheap 35mm point-and-shoot. This time around, the fog was less dense and there were many more people walking around than during my first visit, but the beach was captivating just the same.







Lunchtime Photowalk

I haven’t posted a lunchtime photowalk in a while; actually, I hadn’t been out shooting at lunchtime in a couple of weeks. Here is a little set of recent pictures taken around my work. No particular theme and really, the only thing holding the set together was the time of day :)

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The Fjords of The Sunshine Coast~


Great photographs, Cindy, but I imagine nothing beats being there. Lovely!

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We are in a very remote cabin. People may say this sometimes when maybe it isn’t really true. But trust me. It is completely true. This is how our luggage was brought up to our “off the grid,” hyrdo (read river) powered cabin in The Tantulus Mountains.
Our “stuff” was truck-pulled up the funicular (my word), dumb-waiter (my husband’s word) to our minimal-carbon footprint “chalet.” There are a lot of rules to living up here which I will not bore you with, but the place is so knock your socks off beautiful you won’t believe it, and I will post photos of it soon so you will believe it.
I am however chronologically (as well as spelling and directionally) challenged, so I am going to post the photos in consecutive order. For now, check out the spectacular beauty of The Sunshine Coast.
I managed to post…

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